A Holistic Approach Towards Health

health and wellness Jan 30, 2022

It's not just about the workout...

and I'm sure that's nothing new to you. But sometimes it takes increased awareness to implement change.

I put together an assessment for you to self-assess where you are in your current level of health, this will offer you awareness as to what may be beneficial to focus on.


  • Draw a circle.
  • Within this circle, create eight different sections. This will look like a pie with eight pieces.
  • Create ten lines in each piece, all evenly spaced and evenly spaced to the other pieces.
  • Mark the lines 1 - 10. Number one will be closest to the inner circle and number ten will be at the edge of the large circle.
  • Now on the outside of the circle, label each piece as follows:
    • physical
    • nutritional
    • spiritual
    • emotional
    • financial
    • occupational
    • intellectual
    • social/relational
  • Now rate yourself in regard to each pillar of health.
    • 1/10: minimal focus
    • 10/10: maximum focus

Use this to guide you in self-assessing:

  • Physical Health
    • Movement/exercise
    • Sleep
    • Well-Being - physical symptoms of comfort
  • Nutritional Health
    • Food
    • Fluid intake (water)
  • Spiritual Health
    • Purpose in life
    • Meaning to life
    • Beliefs/Values
  • Emotional Health
    • Mental health/wellbeing
    • Mindset
    • Stress management
    • Coping tools/strategies
  • Financial Health
    • Living within financial means
    • Planning for the future endeavors
  • Occupational Health
    • Satisfaction and enrichment in occupation
  • Intellectual Health
    • Growth
    • Personal development
  • Social/Relational Health
    • Connection
    • Belonging
    • Group of friends/family

How does your pie look?!

I invite you to use these questions to guide you towards a holistic approach to wellness:

  • Are all of your pillars of health evenly distributed?
    • If not, which pillars of health need more attention?
    • How can you give more attention to this/these pillars of health - get VERY specific.
  • If all of your pillars of health are evenly distributed, how can you level up in all areas?
    • Create specific goals to achieve improved health.

It's not just about the workout, it's about the food you eat, the sleep you get, the way you move through life's stressors, the environment you live and work in, as well as your ability to honor yourself and your experiences.

If you want support with this practice, reach out. I'm here.

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