April Newsletter

health coach registered nurse Apr 01, 2020

A little lightness

Okay, I think we all need a little something uplifting right about now. What do you think? Jokes? I'm horrible at jokes. Funny stories about me? How about some things you may not know about me? No limits... okay, why not! Here we go!

  • When I was younger, one of my good friends and I would make videos. My name was Max and her name was Dusty - we would create cooking shows (which would end in flour fights), getting dressed on our way to work (has anyone seen that Bean episode? We basically recreated it) and being stranded on an island among many many other scenarios. We thought they were absolutely hilarious, and honestly thinking back to them... I still laugh.
  • I love to dance. I was on our hip-hop dance team for my senior year in high school and I absolutely loved it. I took a hip-hop dance class when I lived in Boston and I've been searching for a good hip-hop dance class around here, but have yet to find one...so if anyone knows of one, let me know!
  • I've lived in Boston, San Francisco and Philadelphia. I also studied abroad and lived in Rome, Italy for a semester. I have traveled to the following places: Florence, Venice, Napoli, Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin, London, Liverpool, Stockholm, Vienna, Athens, San Juan, Grand Turks, St. Thomas, Bahamas, Costa Maya, Costa Rica, Panama, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Antigua, Dominican Republic, and Alaska. I have also driven across the country.
  • I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon, the year of the bombing. I truly believe that my grandparents were pushing me forward every step I took that day. If I had it my way, I would have stopped many many times, but I never did. I crossed that finish line approximately 19 minutes before the bomb went off.
  • For my senior year challenge, I wanted to learn how to play the piano and write/sing my own song. So I did. I performed it as part of my presentation. I played that piano and sang my heart out. It was one of the scariest things I've ever done... talk about vulnerability.
  • When I went wine tasting in Napa Valley, CA with a whole crew of people, I drank too much and threw up in the van on the ride home... whoops - not my finest moment.
  • I once wanted to be a war journalist, I wanted to go into the most dangerous areas and report on it.
  • I absolutely love photography and working in a darkroom.
  • I started writing when I was in high school and currently write every single day.
  • I have two bachelor degrees - Communication/Journalism and Nursing.
  • I have been skydiving and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
  • I love dirt bikes, snow machines, and four wheelers - if it has speed, I want to take it for a spin!
  • I'm obsessed with the Ace Ventura movies - so much so that I have acted them out - theatrics and all - MANY times. ALLLLLRIGHTY THEN!

There's so much more, but I think that's a good start. I hope this brought you a little joy, a little happiness and a break from all that's going on. Stay healthy, Ashley.

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