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motivation Aug 01, 2019

Where's the motivation!?

Whether it be in regard to my running schedule or my on-going effort for Fit Together, I often hear the question, "how do you find the motivation?"
When this question comes up, my answer is always the same: I don’t always have the motivation; it is not a constant state that I am in. My motivation, much like anything else in life, waivers. 
So then the question really becomes, how am I staying so dedicated to Fit Together, running, and my health and wellness when I am overwhelmed with a lack of motivation? 
It comes down to this: my desire to put myself as a priority, to put my dreams as a priority and to put my wellbeing as a priority far outweigh any lack of motivation. When I am unmotivated, my desire to stick with what I planned to do is 100 x stronger. When I am unmotivated, my desire to keep pushing for this dream is 100 x stronger. When I am unmotivated, my desire for my own mental and physical health is 100 x stronger. When I am unmotivated, my desire to NOT quit on myself is 100 x stronger. 
I know for a fact that when I work out, when I do something for Fit Together or when I make the time for myself, I will be rewarded. 
It is not always about being motivated. It is about committing myself to something that I believe in and sticking with it through thick and thin. It is about dedicating myself to a goal long after the mood I set it in is gone. 
I set out to run this weekend as I always do but my Sunday morning motivation was lacking. I wanted to veg out, sit on the porch and hang with my loves. Ella repeatedly said “stay here Mama, stay here” - commence the Mama guilt. So how did I overcome that and still accomplish my Sunday morning run like I planned to do? It wasn’t because I had the motivation, it was because I recognized that 1. It’s only 30 minutes away from them. 2. I will feel better once it’s done. 3. I will be better once it’s done. And 4. I deserve 30 minutes to myself. So even though I didn’t have the motivation and even though my little 2-year-old was asking me to stay, I did what I planned to do and took care of myself. Ella was fine as I left and gave me a big hug, she was still playing in the pool with Alex by her side once I returned and I was more present and emotionally stable that day after the run. 
It isn’t about always having the motivation, it is choosing to commit to yourself and your dreams every single day despite the external or internal barriers. 

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