August Newsletter - Fixed vs. Growth

Aug 01, 2020

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Your perspective can encourage you or discourage you. When you use your perspective to encourage you, it looks something like this: when faced with an unideal situation you ask yourself, ‘how is this for me?’ You see a perceived challenge as an opportunity for growth, knowledge and strength. A challenge becomes an opportunity to apply your knowledge while simultaneously gaining more. Yes, you may fall down; that doesn’t represent a failure, it represents another opportunity to try again. 
Per Carol Dweck, a fixed mindset is this idea that your intelligence is something very basic about you that you can’t change very much. Whereas a growth mindset is this idea that you can always substantially change how intelligent you are.
Growth mindset takes on this perspective of: how is this situation for me, what is it teaching me? Whereas a fixed mindset takes on this perspective of: why is this situation happening to me? Growth mindset takes on a victor standpoint whereas fixed mindset takes on a victim standpoint.
Looking back at situations, events or interactions with others in your life, where do you stand? The amazing thing about mindset is that you can change it; you have the capability to shift it. Yes, your habits and thought processes are likely very deep rooted and occur on a subconscious and unconscious level BUT you still have the ability to take control. 
If you have a fixed mindset, how is it benefiting your life? If you have a growth mindset, how is it benefiting your life? 
Take some time for awareness and exploration. If you want happiness and joy, you have to actively pursue it, this is a mindset. If you want growth and a perspective that encourages you, you have to pursue it. 
Every day is a new opportunity to pursue your life. Don’t think that just because you’re 35, 50 or 60 years old that you’re ‘too old to change.”

You absolutely have the ability to pursue a happier, healthier life if you choose.

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