December Newsletter

Dec 01, 2020

Our Family Traditions

I love this time of year for the coziness of our warm home, the soft Christmas lights, the Christmas music, the snow falling outside our windows, the warm, home-cooked meals... everything about it leaves me with such happiness, comfort and calm. What I also love about this time of year are our family traditions. Alex and I started creating our own traditions the first year we were dating and they certainly have developed over the years. Here are a few of our family traditions, maybe some of them resonate with how you celebrate:

  • Cutting down our own Christmas tree every year.
  • Making a homemade wreath with the leftover tree cuttings.
  • Making a new family ornament each year which has now developed into making a new Christmas decoration!
  • Baking Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve.
  • New pajamas on Christmas Eve with pictures in front of the tree.
  • Prime Rib dinner with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephews on Christmas Eve.
  • Homemade gingerbread house making, baking and building.
  • Driving around town and looking at all the Christmas lights.
  • Sledding on Christmas Eve - as long as there is snow!

I love our traditions - there are many more that include friends and other family members, but these are a few that have really developed as our relationship and family have. I hope you have a wonderful month as we approach the holidays and the end of the year. I also hope you can find some time to enjoy your own family and your own special traditions. 

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