February Newsletter

goals habits health and wellness word word of the year Feb 01, 2020

I tossed around a few different words as the year began, but I consistently found myself going back to the word, "commit". Webster defines the word commit as: be dedicated to (something), carry out or perpetrate, pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy.

I chose the word commit to represent 2020 because there are many things I plan to accomplish that I have never accomplished before. I have set goals and intentions for this year with a lot of gumption, enthusiasm and excitement. I have set plans into place to achieve things I never thought I would or could achieve. I chose the word commit because when I am full of doubt, when I am feeling unmotivated, when I am weary of the outcome, when I want to quit or when I have misplaced my belief in myself, I will whisper the word commit as a gentle reminder of the intentions I set.

I understand that my gumption, enthusiasm, and excitement won't always be present and I have set this word in place as a reminder that I want to achieve big things. That's the thing about achieving your goals or reaching for the intentions you set, it isn't always about being motivated or driven to do it, it's also about being unmotivated and lacking the drive but doing it anyway. 

Whatever you want to achieve, whether it be waking up every morning at 0500, starting your day with 8 oz of water, running a 5K, taking dance lessons or being happy, you have to commit yourself to the practice or practices that will get you there. That's exactly what this year is about for me. If I want the life I dream of living, then I need to commit to the things that will get me there. My goals and intentions don't care about my mood.

It's a new decade - how will you tackle it?

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