February Newsletter

Feb 01, 2021

When you Jump

I recently talked to someone about two particular times in my life where I felt like, “I jumped.” A time when I made a massive decision, not really knowing how it would turn out. During this conversation, I shared with her that prior to jumping, I found myself sitting on my couch, envisioning and writing about how it may look. This is part of what I wrote, “I envisioned what it would be like and it looks beautiful to me. I envisioned what it would feel like and it feels warm to me. It's a peaceful feeling. I know it seems a bit ambiguous but that is just the way it is supposed to be. It has felt good these past few days...it has been calming...soothing...and comforting. Immediate proof that it's all going to be okay.”
I wrote this at a time when I was on my couch in San Francisco. I was envisioning what living on my own in Philadelphia and starting nursing school may look and feel like. The thing about this short piece, is that it has never been more accurate. It has never been more accurate because I made it that way. I created the warmth. I created the peace. I created exactly what I wanted, and I got exactly that, and more. 
And when I think about the jumps I want to make, this is what I envision: expansion, peace, love, autonomy, success and healing. I see so much warmth, compassion and growth when I envision the jump. And again, it seems a bit ambiguous, but that is just the way it is supposed to be. 
We have the ability to create what we want and the first step is to envision exactly that: what we want.
I hope you can take some time this month to close your eyes and dream of what your next jump may be and what it may look like. And I hope that you get exactly what you dream of, and more. And please trust that when you jump, whatever catches you is exactly what you need.
It's a new month, go again.


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