February Newsletter

health and wellness loneliness Feb 01, 2022


"The loneliness is palpable." -Carrie Bradshaw

I heard this phrase uttered one day and it stopped me in my tracks. I had a physical response to it. I became slightly choked up, tears quickly came to my eyes and I thought... 'yea, it is.'

We're not meant to carry such fear.
We're not meant to be isolated.
We're not meant to believe that by breathing or stepping out our door, we're going to get sick and die. 

The loneliness is palpable. 

This fear of getting sick didn't show up for me when the pandemic hit. It showed up for me after Ella was born and even worse after Adalyn was born.. and THEN the pandemic hit.

I was always afraid when the girls would get a fever or a cold, it left me feeling helpless. What I've come to realize more and more is that the symptoms of the illness/virus/bacteria: the fever, the vomit, the diarrhea, it's the body's way of self-protecting and ridding toxins. We can suppress the physical responses or we can allow the body to naturally rid itself of the toxins within. (Not medical advice).

The loneliness is palpable.

The fear has felt suffocating.
The fear has felt choking.
The fear has created feelings of anger, loneliness, sadness, shame and mistrust.
The fear is creating a stress response within our bodies of elevated stress hormones that have detrimental health implications if they remain elevated for an extended period of time. 
The fear is crushing our mental and emotional health.
The isolation is literally killing us... have you seen the statistics on suicide?

We all are responsible for our own health, this pandemic hasn't changed that. If anything, I think it's made us realize just how important it is TO BE HEALTHY.

Your health is your responsibility. My health is my responsibility. 

I choose to live in a state of trust and love.

I trust my own ability to make the right decisions for my family.
I trust my family, friends and community to make the right decisions for THEIR family.
I choose to give love even if I don't agree.
I choose love above all else. 

I have one life to live. I choose to live every day.

I choose love. I choose community. I choose self-trust. 

Please know that I support you in your decisions, whatever they may be. In my opinion, to support is to love. You have my love. You have my support, all we can do is make the right decisions for us;  mind, body and spirit. 


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