Finding your Preferred Workout

goal habit running walking workout Aug 11, 2019

You have decided that this is your year to get healthy but you’re not sure how to do it and you’re having a hard time deciding what it is you like to do for a workout. I get it, working out is challenging and you’d rather be doing something you enjoy. So how do you find your "thing"? 
For me, it’s running. I stumbled across running back in 2008 when I needed an outlet and a way to stay in shape. Was it easy? No. Was it fun? No. But I found that during and after a run, I felt more confident, happy and lighter so I stuck with it and it became my thing. So, what could your workout niche be and how can you go about finding it?
Running, Yoga, Spinning, Dance, Kickboxing, Barre, Zumba, Swimming, Gymnastics etc. There are so many options out there. My recommendation for you would be to try out a gym (some do 1 free week) that have fitness classes. Attend as many fitness classes as you can to get a feel for what you enjoy. Is it the circuit workout you like? Is it dancing to hip-hop music? Is it the slow, methodical pace? Is it the ability to take your aggression out on a punching bag? Maybe you’ll find that you like a lot of variation to your workout and enjoy mixing up the routine, and then it's about finding the location/gym that offers what you’re looking for. 
Don’t give up if you try one class and hate it, that just means that you know that isn’t your thing – knowing that is a success, move on to the next one!
You will find something you like. That’s not to say the workout will be easy, but it will be easier if you find what you enjoy. So get out there, check out your community gyms and go after it – your health depends on it!

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