It's all about perspective

goal habits health and wellness mental health mindset perspective Mar 29, 2020

I recently went to a RISE conference where we spoke a lot about perspective. And given the current situation of life right now - hey COVID-19 - how are you using your perspective to benefit you?

We can look at the COVID-19 situation in two ways: "damn, this sucks" AND "okay, how is this for me?" To be honest, I fluctuate between these two perspectives most days. But I find solace in the fact that I am fluctuating between the two versus staying stuck in "damn, this sucks." 

Our perspective has the ability to break us down or make us stronger. If you sit in a state of, "damn, this sucks" throughout the entirety of this experience, trust me, it will completely break you down and destroy you. The time will go by, you will have been stuck in this state and you will be depleted of energy and/or motivation to pursue the things you always say you want to pursue but don't because you don't usually have the time. DO THE THINGS! 

Shift your perspective to a state of "how is this experience for me?" Do you have more time at home and are now able to try out those recipes you've been wanting to cook? Do you have more time with your kids and can spend time playing and teaching them? Are you being forced to get out of your comfort zone to continue your business? It doesn't have to be big; changing your perspective can help you change your mood. I know the COVID-19 situation is uncomfortable and unknown right now. I also know that this time is forcing me to be more present, to have more dance parties, to be more aware of finding joy and things I'm grateful for and is pushing me out of my comfort zone in regards to stretching and changing my business. It's also helping me realize what I want and don't want as a nurse. 

Find meaning in everything that happens. What if this virus is happening for us? Giving us an opportunity to slow down, to re-organize our priorities and to recognize that if everything is important, nothing is important. This virus is helping us narrow our focus which can allow us to eliminate the stressors in our life that we really don't need. 

If you let go of those un-needed stressors - imagine who you could be, imagine how freeing life could be. Shift your perspective even just for a minute and imagine how this is serving you.

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