July Newsletter - How to build self-confidence

confidence Jul 01, 2019

Let’s start out by defining self-confidence. Self-confidence is: a feeling of trust in one’s ability, qualities and judgement.Lacking self-confidence is about not trusting yourself and feeling inadequate. So, the million-dollar question is: how do I build my self-confidence? You have to build trust in yourself. What do people in your life do and possess to allow you to trust them and their abilities? 

  • They show up when they say they’re going to.
  • They follow through.
  • They are there even when times are hard.

Ultimately, they stay true to their word over and over again. They say they’ll be at the coffee shop at 10:00AM, they are there at 9:55AM. They say they’ll go for a run with you, they lace up their running shoes right beside you. They say let’s go out to eat, they buy you dinner. They consistently stay true to their commitment and to you.

Then the answer is simple…in order to build your self-confidence and to trust yourself like you trust the people in your life, you must stay true to your word over and over again. Planning to run in the morning, run in the morning. Planning to go to yoga, go to yoga. Planning to avoid the chip aisle at the grocery store, then avoid the chip aisle. 

In addition to staying true to your word, you must acknowledge your success and ability to follow through. This will allow you to stack the evidence that you have and can stay true to your word.

Start small. Set one goal today that you know you can accomplish, such as brushing your teeth. Acknowledge your accomplishment and then start again tomorrow.

Lacking self-confidence is a learned behavior. You are enough, and you are capable of achieving your goals. Trust me!

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