Lower Body Weight-Free Workout

weight free workout Oct 20, 2019

Here are two of my favorite lower body exercises - they're challenging, weight free AND you can do these right in the comfort of your own home during any commercial break! No excuses - get after it. Disclaimer - please do not perform these if you have a history of knee injury or prior to speaking with your doctor.

Knee Stability – Lunge Matrix

Perform lunges in a clockwise motion, moving from a traditional forward lunge to a diagonal lunge, lateral lunge, reverse lunge and crossover lunge. There is no need to go to great depths, because this exercise focuses on increasing the strength of the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the knee joint while also improving range of motion at the hips.


Use a box/bench/chair that is the same height or slightly lower than your knees. Place your right foot up on the step and push your foot into the box to step up. When you reach the top, lift your left knee into the air (this creates additional movement of the right hip, which is essential for using the entire muscle), lower the left leg and repeat all the reps on one side before switching legs. To increase intensity and build muscle more quickly, hold dumbbells in your hands.

If you are looking for individualized support and guidance in regards to what workouts would be suitable for YOU given your current level of health and fitness - PLEASE reach out, I am here to help!

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