Maintaining Blood Sugar

blood sugar balance fab four Jul 21, 2019
I discovered nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque about a year ago and have been doing my best to implement her Fab Four theory with every meal. This theory consists of a protein, fat (healthy) fiber and greens with every meal. Since implementing the Fab Four, I have noticed longer periods of satiety, less cravings, decreased abdominal bloat and discomfort and increased energy and focus. The theory behind Fab Four is about maintaining your blood sugar so your body has time to burn fat. Complete digestion takes 6 hours or more, the idea of implementing a protein, fat, fiber and green with every meal is introducing components to maintain your satiety which will regulate your hormones, reduce blood sugar spikes and dips and allow your body the time it needs to burn fat. The idea is that you can burn fat and lose weight in between meals and during sleep. 

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