Marathon Training Update!

goals habits health and wellness marathon marathon training mental health running Mar 22, 2020

I am 9 weeks into an 18-week training program and it's been different than any other training I've done. My dedication, desire and passion for this training period is pure. I don't know if it's because these hours that I spend outside or on the treadmil are solely my own or things have shifted for me. I think it's the fact that during those 4-mile, 7-mile or even 15-mile training runs, no one is calling upon me, no one needs me and I have no one to answer to but myself. Yes, some days, mostly on the days where I have a really long run, my desire waivers, but once I start running my muscle memory takes over and I just go. 

I am enjoying the training, even on the hard days. My 15-mile run recently was anything but easy - the fierce wind was against me for the last 7.5 miles and instead of allowing the challenge and the wind to completely break me down, I used it as evidence that even when I have something pushing so hard against me, I'll keep pushing through. That’s the thing about marathon training, (anything really), the mental, emotional and physical growth is always there if you allow it. I'm stronger today because of that 15-mile run.

Marathon training has been necessary, exceptional, challenging and fun. I didn't set a goal to complete 5 marathons this year because I thought it would be easy. I decided to run 5 marathons this year because I knew it would challenge me, push me and make me stronger than the person I am today and that growth is exactly what I want. 

9 more weeks until my first marathon and on that day I'll be ready for any challenge or ease that comes my way. Run on!

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