Marathon Training Update!

goals habits health and wellness marathon training running Feb 27, 2022

Let's go!

That's right, I'm doing it again. I have officially signed up for the Race the Lake Marathon on June 4th, 2022. 

18 weeks of training commenced on February 5th. These 18-weeks will include many training runs, countless miles on the road and treadmill, new shoes, likely some tears, blisters and a slew of emotions. 

And you know what, I'm ready. Running has always been a form of therapy for me. I missed it last summer and throughout the fall and winter as I honored my body and physical needs.

I am heading into this training cycle feeling more physically strong and able to complete my twelfth marathon.

What is a goal you have this year in supporting your physical health? Please share with me what you are focusing on and let's support each other! 

When I signed up for my first marathon back in 2010, it was never just 18-weeks of training. It's been twelve years of training, strengthening, falling down, getting back up, building my resilience and changing everything in my life, not because I felt like I should, but because something was pulling me forward towards change and expansion. I choose to run because it is supportive to me in my own growth.

What will you dedicate 18-weeks (or more) of yourself to this year for the betterment of your health?

Please share and allow me to support and celebrate you!

I'm dedicating myself to...

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