March Newsletter

determination goals habits health and wellness motivation Mar 01, 2020

How to tackle your hills

When stress hits, do you revert back to your unhealthy habits? When you don't see the results you want, do you lay down and accept defeat? When you are discouraged with the effort it takes to change, do you give up because it's too hard? 

How are you overcoming the challenges that life throws your way?

At the beginning of any pursued goal, it's easy. You have the motivation and drive to implement changes; you’re hopeful, eager and excited. You find yourself working hard in pursuit of something you deeply desire and know that you need. However, as you progress towards the goal and start measuring your success, what do you do if you find yourself unhappy with the results? 

What if you're on a journey towards improved health and wellness and a way you measure success is by the number on the scale, how do you respond if the number hasn't shifted? 

Do you find yourself frustrated and give up? Do you recognize the efforts you have implemented and find other ways to measure your success and continue your journey? Do you use this as a launch pad to shift your approach and continue with the forward motion towards your ultimate goal?

We have so many opportunities throughout our lives and days to accept defeat or to continue to push through. Giving up, believing we'll never succeed and/or believing it's just not for us is a learned behavior and limiting belief. 

Pursuing improved health and wellness is challenging, it takes time and effort. The question is, would you rather stay in a state of familiar discomfort or pursue something that will likely improve your quality of life?

The choice is yours. The time will pass. Will you accept defeat or use it as a launch pad to push harder and get exactly what you want?

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