March Newsletter

Mar 01, 2022

Happy March!

I am so excited to be in this month; for me it symbolizes change, an awakening, and a shift.

How about you? What does this month symbolize for you? How are you feeling about being in our third month of the year!? 2022 is cruising!

A few updates for you:

  • I am continuing to guide monthly breath circles. These are 90-minutes via Zoom. They include a brief introduction, a 60-minute breath session, journal prompts, and time for reflection and connection. If you'd like to receive updates to these sessions, click here and I'll be sure to update you.
  • I will be re-launching my five-week, group coaching program, It Starts with You in the next few months. If you are interested in joining a group coaching program for support with all areas of your health, please click here and I'll be sure to update you to the launch date.
  • How are you doing with your 2022 goals? Are you feeling empowered and productive with your year? Or feeling a little lost and upset that you are not committed to your goals right now? I'm curious, will you let me know?
  • One way that my business grows is through word of mouth. If you are someone or KNOW someone that has been struggling with their health; mind, body, or spirit, will you do me a favor and send them to my website. One of my missions is to help people, and I'm wondering if you'll help me to connect with more people by spreading the word. I appreciate it more than you know.
  • Lastly, I feel that there is a lot of suffering in our world and community right now. We are hitting year two of this pandemic and a lot of people are facing depression, anxiety, burnout, financial struggles, job changes, loss of a village, and loss of loved ones. I have services that can support people through self-healing. I am a trauma-informed breath work facilitator. If you are someone or know someone that is struggling mentally or emotionally, please send them my way. Even just to have a conversation.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for opening these emails. Thank you for following my journey.

I see you. I appreciate you.

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