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goals habits mindset perspective May 01, 2020

Disappointment or Opportunity?

The month of May was going to be the first marathon of the year for me. I was going to run the Vermont City Marathon; it's been postponed until October. My goal this year was/is to run multiple marathons, however I'm concerned a lot of them are going to get pushed. I have shifted my marathon training schedule for my first marathon in July. Things are shifting and changing everyday, how are you managing the changes? Are you seeing them as disappointments or pursuing them as opportunities?

This is what I am finding I need most during this season:

  • Patience - for myself, my husband and my kids. Boy - some days are harder than others, but I am willing to put in the work to be the most patient and present person I know because that's how I will show up as my best self.
  • Adaptability - this marathon training is a great example of this. After feeling slightly defeated 2 weeks ago with this shift in the marathon, I realized that I just needed to stand back up, adapt the schedule and restart. It took a few days for me to come around to accepting the adaptability, but once I did, I started feeling better.
  • Intentional time to reset - during a time where we feel isolated, I am finding that my "me" time or "alone" time is extremely critical for my mental and emotional health. I am a mama to two very little girls that have high needs and sometimes it is overwhelming and frustrating to be consistently called upon. I know that when I am getting irritable or short, it's time for me to take a time out.
  • Laughter - this is the best medicine. I am finding that during this pandemic, I have been laughing more. I'm not sure if it's because I'm going crazy, I'm more present or I'm just enjoying the simple things, but damn it feels good to laugh.
  • Grace - we all have days that are more challenging than others or days that we may not show up as our best self; my goal is for the days that I don't show up as my best self, to give myself some grace. We all are doing the best we can right now.
  • Perspective - constantly working to shift my perspective to a victor standpoint vs. victim. How is this happening FOR me?

What do you need most during this season and how are you getting it? How are you turning your disappointments into opportunities? 

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