Mindful Eating - How to make it a priority for optimal health

health and wellness mindful eating nutrition Aug 16, 2020

We eat every single day, often multiple times a day. Where do you eat? In front of a tv, in front of a computer or with a phone in your hand at the counter? How do you eat? Do you eat everything on your plate within 5 minutes, or do you take more time to ignite all your senses?

Mindful eating is a practice of awareness and presence to not only enjoy the food you are consuming but to listen to your body's hunger and satiety cues. Here are some tips and tricks for mindful eating:

  • Sit down at a table.
  • Put your cellphone out of reach with the sound off or turn it off all together.
  • Spend time observing your food before you start consuming it - enjoy the colors or presentation.
  • Take a moment to taste your food - be mindful of the flavors you're experiencing.
  • Chew your food - it seems simple, but be mindful of taking at least 10 bites of your food before swallowing it. Rest your fork on the table while you chew.
  • Observe the Japanese tradition hara hachi bu -  eat until you are 80 percent full and then stop. This allows your body to catch up so you're not overeating.
  • Enjoy meals with other people when you can. 
  • Schedule your meal times and maintain a regular schedule that taps into your circadian rhythm. 
  • Avoid toxic hunger - eat before you become so hungry you start reaching for the nearest comfort food.

Simple tips and tricks that we often overlook when it comes to eating. As a society that is "on-the-go", we often see the above as an inconvenience. It's not an inconvenience, it's your health and it's your number one priority. 

Food is our fuel. It is meant to be enjoyed and to nourish our body. However, when we consume as a reaction to our environment or feelings, we are ultimately compromising our health. The choice is yours, choose your health every time. 

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