November Newsletter

goals growth habits personal development self confidence self worth Nov 01, 2019

If we're not growing, we're dying

I live in a state of forward motion; constant pursuit of growth and advancement not because I'm dissatisfied with my current state, but because I believe growth is the key to success. I can't grow my business without personal growth or advancement. I can't become a better runner without running or pushing myself to race. I can't become a better mom if I don't grow and adapt with Ella's changing needs. I can't be an exceptional wife unless I choose Alex every single day and continue to grow our relationship as we grow and change as individuals. 

Growth has become an obsession for me. Applied knowledge has become my super power. I can learn and study for days, but until I actually apply it - that's when things level up.  

Throughout this entire year, I have pursued self-growth and self-development. I have worked on identifying triggers, creating healthy responses to these triggers, and implementing them. What prompted this pursuit of self-development was the recognition that I was in a cyclical pattern that was not serving me. A cyclical pattern that was affecting me, my quality of life and my relationships - I chose to make a change. I can confidently say that my 33rd year of life is different, better and at a completely new level compared to my 32nd year of life.

Our cells change, our taste buds change, our skin changes, our skeleton changes - if our body is constantly changing, why should we stay in a place or state of content? Why should we stay stagnant?

As a parent, I hear it all the time - enjoy age 1, because once she's 2 she becomes someone completely different. Enjoy age 2, because once she's 3, that's a whole new ballgame! So my question for you is, are you the same person you were 10 years ago? At what age did you stop becoming someone new?   

My goal of this newsletter is to get you to ask yourself, are you the same person you were last year? Are you participating in the same activities with the same people? Are you pursuing something the same way you did last year? How many uncomfortable situations are you putting yourself in? What new knowledge have you learned this year and how is it bettering your life? What have you done this year to become a better version of yourself when compared to last year? If everything is the same or similar - how long has it been that way? At what age did you stop becoming someone new?

If we're not growing...we're dying. Identify something you think is too big to achieve and pursue it like you have already accomplished it. Don't limit your dreams or beliefs just because you haven't done it yet - the mind is a powerful thing. Quite that voice, get out of your own way and reach for the best version of you.

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