November Newsletter

Nov 01, 2021

Hello my friend,

Last month's newsletter was about checking in with YOU: how you're doing, how you're feeling and how you're pursuing life.

I want to offer something to you. The holidays are quickly approaching - Thanksgiving is in 26 days, Hanukkah starts in 28 days and Christmas is in 54 days. The pandemic continues to be a thing: a source of stress, fear, and uncertainty. It may also still be consciously or subconsciously driving your decisions and emotions.

With that being said, I'm wondering: how do you typically cope with the stress of this time of year?

  • Do you approach the holidays with a desire to curl up in bed and wait until it's all over?
  • Are you buried underneath the cookies and pies eating your way through the stress?
  • Do you over function and neglect your own mental, emotional and physical needs?
  • Do you skip and sing through the streets bringing Christmas joy to all not even phased by the pressure that society puts on all of us during this time of year?

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I'd like to offer you an hour a week, for six weeks of dedicated time for yourself. Dedicated time to check in with your body, to rest, resource and rejuvenate.

One hour per week of time for you to be still, to connect with yourself and for you to give yourself just as much as you give to everyone else.

I am opening enrollment for my six-week, stress management breath work series. It will support you in coping with the stress of this season of life.

Sign up between now (November 1st) and November 7th for 10% OFF listed price!

It's an hour out of your week, you deserve an hour. And trust me, you won't regret it.

Details of the program can be found here.

Sign up here and schedule all sessions.

Please reach out with questions.

Ready to work with a registered nurse health coach?!

The time is NOW!