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barriers determination drive goals habits motivation Oct 01, 2019
Ever wonder why you still haven't lost that weight? Or why you still haven't run that 5K? Or why you still haven't reconciled that relationship? Or why you still haven't gone after that promotion? It's not because it's not possible or not available to you, it's because you won't get out of your own way.

That's right... I said it. You say you want to be healthier while also saying you don't have the time or the energy. You say you've wanted that promotion for years but still haven't made a plan to get there. You say you'll sign up for a 5k but never signed up let alone got to the starting line. It isn't because the opportunity wasn't there. 

The opportunity is ALWAYS present. You are choosing, subconsciously or consciously to turn your head every time it shows up. You are choosing to stay still even when you want something more. You are choosing to live in a state of familiar discomfort rather than push yourself for more. 

I'm going to say it again, everything that you want but have not received is because you are standing in your own way. Is it harsh? – absolutely, but I think some of you reading this need to hear it.

You want to be “healthier”, but you don't have the time or energy. How are you spending your days and nights? What can you change to pursue a healthier lifestyle? Is it your nighttime snacking? Is it your mindless scrolling of social media? Are you binge-watching shows that you've seen a hundred times? Are you turning towards food and drink as a way to self-sooth? Do you wake up by the sound of your children or with just enough time to get in the shower and head out the door for work? You have the time - you just need to prioritize and organize it.

You have wanted that promotion for years but still haven't gotten it. Does your boss know you're interested? What have you done to go above and beyond your current job requirements and expectations to show your boss you want to advance?

You want to run that 5K but tell yourself that you’ll sign up when you’ve trained for it. Or maybe you sign up but you never show up to the starting line. Are you afraid? Or is it the story you've always told yourself 'I'll never succeed' that's standing in your way?


Stop taking a victim’s stance and start showing up for yourself to go after what you want. If you want happiness, if you want better health, if you want that promotion, if you want that 5K - no one is going to fight harder for it than you, and no one is going to do it for you. 

You and your thoughts are the only 2 things holding you back -show up and get out of your own way, what are you waiting for?

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