October Newsletter

hsa coverage Oct 01, 2020


Fit Together Health and Wellness – a mission to help people shift the way they look at and approach their health!

If you want to start on a guided journey to a healthier you, don’t let the expense stop you from pursuing your well-being.  We offer separate payment plans and packages that we tailor specifically to you. Also, the ENTIRE cost of your program can be covered by your HSA.  

I also provide in-person and/or video conferencing for businesses or groups who promote employee health and well-being. Covering topics such as;

  • Identifying triggers that result in unhealthy behaviors.
  • Shifting your habits to optimize your health.
  • Overcoming self-doubt, identifying self-worth and building self-confidence.
We can always recognize or create barriers to pursuing our health. Instead, let’s look at the opportunities we have to pursue our health as something that we “GET TO DO” and not as something that we "have to do."

Contact me with any questions that you have and to set up our first meeting!


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