Reaching your Goals!

goals health and wellness health coach registered nurse Dec 08, 2019

Back in August I sent out an email about your mid-year check in. A check in to see how close or how far you were from reaching the goals you set for yourself in January 2019.

So here we are everyone, at the end of 2019, you did it, right?! You rocked all the goals you set for yourself in January 2019 and even surpassed a few? I knew you would! Okay...okay, let's say you set some goals for 2019 and you, 1: forgot all about them 2: had great intentions for the 1st month but then quit or 3: made some significant progress but still missed your mark.

I haven't always been one to set goals, meet goals or even maintain my pursuit of my goals, BUT I have this year and this is what helped me:

  • Set small daily goals to get me closer to one of my dreams.
  • Monthly check ins - every month I would do a recap on what went well, what was a challenge, what I accomplished, what I didn't accomplish, what I want to achieve the following month and why.
  • Quieting the noise and tasks that do not serve me.

Some people aren't the 'New Year Resolution' type and honestly, I'm not either. Setting goals and intentions at the beginning of the year or anytime of the year is about having a desire to do something or to change something. 

Some people acquire the mentality of why bother to set a goal? The reason to bother is because if you aim at nothing, you will get NOTHING every time. 

I'm sure you've heard it before, if you're not growing you're dying. As we approach 2020, do you really want to let another year go by where you don't meet your goals? Where you don't pursue that job? Where you don't pursue you're health? Where you don't pursue your marriage? Where you don't pursue being the best version of yourself? The choice is yours to live with.

So before we ring in the New Year, can you ask yourself: when did you deviate from your goals in 2019? Why did you deviate? And, is it still a goal? Ask yourself the hard questions to better understand why 2019 was another year you let your intentions slip by and another year that you quit on yourself.

OR if this does NOT apply to you, then high-five your damn self for showing up for yourself and your dreams and get after 2020!

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