Spring has Sprung

seasons spring Apr 05, 2020

Spring is here - bring on the flowers, green in the trees and warmer temperatures, I'm here for it! What are some of you favorite spring has sprung things to enjoy? You know, those things that you've missed all winter and just can't wait to embrace again with the shift of the season? Here are a few of my favorite things about Spring:

  • The birds.
    • I never paid much attention to birds growing up except when we would go camping when I was a kid. I loved waking up in the tent with the morning light shining through and the crows making their presence known - although crows are not known for their melodious voice, it was always a comforting sound. When we shift into Spring, I find peace and calm sitting on my porch listening to the birds wake and sing their songs.
  • More light.
    • The lightness in the evening is such a pleasant shift after such a long period of darkness. It somehow makes the day feel pleasantly longer and more energized.
  • Warmth.
    • I know that at the beginning of Spring there are still plenty of cold days, but the dissonance between cold days and the promise of warmer days ahead gets smaller and smaller. That alone gives me so much optimism and excitement.
  • Blooms.
    • I love watching the trees start to bloom; the green start to push through until all the trees take on new life and vibrancy that they've been waiting all winter long to reveal.

Happy Spring!

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