Understanding your Target Heart Rate Zone

Mar 31, 2023

So, you find yourself on this path of optimizing your physical health. You're working out and creating a habit doing something you enjoy. However, you find yourself wondering, is it making an impact? Am I doing it right?

First off, if you have these questions, I'm glad you do! It shows that you care. It shows that you're committed and it shows that you want to reap the rewards of the effort you are putting in.

One of the things I like to explore with my clients is their target heart rate zone. I want to provide you with how to figure out YOUR target heart rate zone so when you are working out, you can identify if you're in your zone.

Max Heart Rate (MHR) = 208 - (0.7 x Age)

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) - what is your resting heart rate?

Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) = MHR - RHR

Target Heart Rate (THR) = (HRR x %intensity) + RHR

I typically start my clients in a 50-70% intensity.

These two numbers are the heart rate range that you want to be within while working out. This is typically your low aerobic range and optimizes fat burn.

If numbers aren't your thing and figuring out and keeping track of whether you're in your target heart rate zone feels like a lot, you can simply check in with yourself throughout the workout and ask yourself these questions?

  • Am I sweating? If so, this is great!
  • Could I carry on a conversation easily? If so, ramp up the intensity so carrying on a conversation would be slightly difficult.
  • Where would I rate my perceived exertion? 10 being extremely challenging, 1 being easy-peasy, if 5 or above, this is great!

Implementing physical activity every day doesn't have to be difficult.

Inviting you to find something you love and enjoy doing, ensure the intensity offers you a good sweat, an elevation of your heart rate, as well as an effort where it is challenging to carry on a conversation - this is your sweet spot.

Challenging you to get at least 150-300 minutes of physical activity each week - let's go!

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