Upper Body Weight-Free Workout

weight free workout Sep 29, 2019

Here are two of my favorite upper body exercises - they're challenging, weight free AND you can do these right in the comfort of your own home during any commercial break! No excuses - get after it.

Plank Arm Marches 

Assume a plank position on the elbows and toes (or elbows and knees, if needed). While keeping the abdomen engaged and the spine and neck in alignment, push up onto the right hand and then onto the left. This places you in a hands and toes plank. Return to the elbows by first placing the right elbow down and then the left. “March” with the arms like this for five cycles and then repeat starting with the left arm leading for five cycles. Work on keeping the hips fairly still and avoid rocking them from side to side.

Triceps Dips-

Sit on a bench or chair and place the hands close to your sides, fingers facing forward. Kick the feet in front of you, so you’re resting on your heels, and scoot your hips off the edge, keeping your wrists directly below your shoulders (leaning forward will cause you to work your shoulders, not your triceps). Slowly lower your body down, making sure the elbows shoot straight back behind the body, not out to the sides. Raise back up and squeeze your triceps at the top to complete one repetition.


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