What's your morning routine?

goals habits morning routine Oct 06, 2019

You have the time for you, are you taking it? Below is my typical morning which almost always sets me up successfully for the day:

  • Alarm goes off at 0500.
  • Out of bed by 0510-0515.
  • Consume at least 6 oz of water and then coffee in hand by 0520.
  • On the couch with my journal where I focus on: 10 things I'm grateful for that have happened in the last 24 hours, 10 dreams that I have and write as if I've already accomplished them and 1 goal for the day to get me closer to one of my dreams.
  • Ella typically wakes up between 0515-0600. During this time, Daddy gets her up, brings her down and sets her up by my side with a cup of milk. Curious George goes on the t.v. and her and I snuggle while I finish my writing and she wakes up with George. We snuggle until about 0615-0620; if I'm done my writing, I usually open up the current book I'm reading to get some pages in.
  • Alex and Ella leave the house between 0615-0630 which is when I head downstairs for my workout.
  • 0630- 3 mile run with some weight training. The distance I accomplish and the weight training vary from day-to-day depending on how early I need to start my workday.

From there on out - I'm getting ready for work and starting my workday.

My morning routine was not always like this. In fact, I would once wake up, walk right into the shower and immediately start my day by preparing for work and running out the door. I had very little control over the start of the day because I immediately woke up on someone else's schedule. I got serious about my own morning routine at the beginning of this year when I wanted to ease into my day with a little less chaos, a little more me and some time to practice gratitude and grace. 

Most of my days, I feel accomplished just because I was able to start my day with my own intentions and goals in mind. Will things shift a bit as I change seasons of life? Absolutely, but I'm okay with that because ultimately I know what I need to feel centered and grounded for a good day: practicing gratitude and moving my body. 

What's your morning routine? Are you starting your day by immediately jumping into someone elses' schedule like your boss or your kids? Or are you waking up earlier to make some time for yourself before the day takes over? You have the time to pursue your health. You have the time for yourself. It just might be a little earlier than you are familiar with - do it anyway!

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