What's your word for 2020?

goals habits health and wellness Dec 29, 2019

Ever thought of coming up with a word that would guide you through a decision or even an entire year? Last year was the first year I dedicated myself to one word for the year. My word was unafraid. 

I chose this word for 2019 for many reasons, but mostly because I planned to pursue big things that I had never conquered before. I knew it would be challenging, scary and overwhelming. In the past, I have often allowed these feelings of overwhelming fear to deter me from my pursuit; as I approached and started 2019, I decided I no longer wanted to turn my back on a dream or goal because it felt overwhelming or challenging. I decided that dedicating the word unafraid to 2019, would push me to recognize these feelings while still pursuing whatever it was that was causing these feelings.

I found myself saying unafraid a lot throughout the year. It was a quick reminder for me to acknowledge these feelings, and refocus on accomplishing the goal anyway. I would say the word to myself and find myself sitting or standing a little stronger, ready to barrel through the task at hand. Was it still challenging, overwhelming, anxiety producing and uncomfortable? Absolutely. Did I grow tremendously this year because I didn't turn my back when something was challenging and instead leaned in? Absolutely. Do I regret any of the things I did or said? Absolutely not. 

That's the thing about this year, identifying a word to tackle the year helped me grow and stay focused. I realized that even though I may feel overwhelmed or fearful, I can use those feelings to fuel my pursuit and push me to a place I've never been. 

As we approach 2020, I plan to identify another word for the year.

What are your thoughts on identifying one word for your 2020? One word as an empowering reminder to continue the pursuit towards your goal and intentions when things get tough. One word you can whisper to yourself when you are faced with a challenging or overwhelming situation or conversation. One word to carry you through the challenge and to come out on the other side stronger, more confident and with a sense of pride for sticking with something despite the discomfort it might have caused. 

If you want to reach for the best version of yourself, you have to get uncomfortable. You can't grow in your comfort zone. Lean into the discomfort, whisper that word and get after it - what are you waiting for? 

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